Scold Alexis Vega? Amaury Vergara and his position on calls to the Tri

Scold Alexis Vega?  Amaury Vergara and his position on calls to the Tri

The Alexis Vega position Who would rather stay with Chivas And not to go around scooters Olympiad Not only did they make a noise Jaime Lozano, Technical Mexican national team 23, But also in your club, ever since Amaury VergaraAnd the president and owner Sacred flock He assured that they would always recommend players to attend the calls.

Vergara He said there is no greater honor than going to Mexican national team, And will support these calls.

“My position and the location of Deportivo Guadalajara is the same Playing for the national team is a great honorIt (every Mexican) should be the most important thing for his country, We will always recommend the player to answer calls, Which takes part in the selection invitations, of course if the conditions between the federation and the club are met so that this does not affect to a large extent, although the player’s absence can always affect training, “said the coach Sacred flock Mediotiempo.

This is Chivas’ position, and he will always contribute, always help, and always provide facilitation. So that the players can represent their country, and for our sake, we believe and try to participate in the team that there is no greater honor than representing the Mexican national team. “

In November, Alexis suffered from a sprained ankle In a friendly duel against Blue cross With the picture 23 sub from Mexico, It was hard for him not to start a program League With Chivas And the gameplay crept into The semifinals Assad later accepted, Rogblanco’s attack said he would rather stay in Guadalajara He had to attend Microcycles and it was hard for him not to be in the first.

After this topic, Amauri Before there is a conversation with the player about this situation.

Yes, of course, we talk to the players every day about all the issues and that is Alexis’ question, I can’t speak for Alexis, he’ll have to figure out how to manage the way he responds to calls As for the national team, any professional player faces challenges, including choosing him and knowing that this may represent a risk of injury or poor performance for his club, always through dialogue and understanding, and good agreements and good outlets can be reached.

No worries for America or Atlas, but we salute the rule

Amaury Vergara He also talked about what happened a week ago when Atlas defeated America by three points at the table. owner Chivas He said that thinking or worrying about what his opponents are doing does not bother him, but he praised the enforcement of regulations.

“My opinion is that the day I feel very anxious about what is happening with Atlas and America, is the day when I do not deserve to be in this place of the Chivas presidency. Honestly, this is not something that keeps me awake and I am not very concerned about how it can or cannot all Someone get points… what can I tell you Our position will always be to commend and appreciate the work of the Disciplinary Committee Our governing body, the Liga MX, and we support whatever decision they think is best for respecting our regulations, ”he said.

“And if it is in this case.” We think it was a very good idea to enforce the rules He concluded, “Because we are all governed by a series of rules and any owner, manager or player we want to apply any disciplinary order with better professionalism and accuracy as is the case in this case.”

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