Sego Perez loses out to Charles Leclerc for F1 runner-up

Sego Perez loses out to Charles Leclerc for F1 runner-up

Charles Leclerc overtook Checo Pérez during the US GP and the Ferrari driver is now second in the drivers’ championship

Czech Perez lost Charles Leclerc One of the last major fights for the world runner-up championship with a fourth-place finish United States Grand Prix, While being a pilot Ferrari He finished third.

The man from Guadalajara started in ninth place, but the connection between the man from Guadalajara and Valtteri Bottas Part of his right wing was destroyed, which conditioned his race Circuit of the United States.

The Mexican could not withstand the Monaco attack Czech Perez On the 30th lap, he began to extend the lead of the member when he overtook him on the track Red bull.

Both pilots became protagonists, but it was the pilot FerrariClimbed more than 10 positions throughout the agreed 56 laps, finishing on the podium, just behind Max Verstappen Y Lewis Hamilton. The last 10 rounds represent a comeback SecHe, with a medium compound, began to drop seconds as he had a 7.5 second disadvantage against the driver. FerrariHe folded his hands in front Max Verstappen. In the last six rounds Czech Perez reduced the difference Charles Leclerc Less than two seconds later, Mexican fans on the racetrack began cheering and waving their flags.

In the end Charles Leclerc He was warned of the danger the Mexicans represented, so he went deeper and pressed all that remained. Ferrari To establish himself in the third place.

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Czech Perez He came into the US Tour with 253 points, while Leclerc added 252 units. With this conclusion Charles Leclerc reached 267 units Sec Perez Reached 265 points. The next fight between the two pilots Mexican Grand PrixNative race Jalisco.

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