Seko Perez’s son almost scratches Red Bull car with tool – video

Seko Perez’s son almost scratches Red Bull car with tool – video

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Abuse that scratches their car! Son of Seko Perez A stars Beautiful and fun video Shared Red bull, In which the first born of the Mexican pilot is found Browse through the team paddle With the surprise of the engineers and a good fear in between.

With total innocence, Sergio Perez Jr. is touring the Red Bull Racing Facilities When adjusting the dynamics car Czech drivers in Formula 1. In one scene, you see Sequido picks up a tool and takes a “threatening” approach towards the car, Until two workers stop him.

Fan reactions on social networks were positive to show the team Different aspect of the check, Who is eating with her son at the end of the video? In addition, they probably appreciate it brewing Red Bull’s “Next Best Driver”.

How many children does Seco Perez have?

With his wife, Carlotta Martinez, The Mexican pilot has two children and their parents have similar names: Sergio Jr. and Carlotta Jr.. He recently shared a picture with his family on Instagram Baku will display the Grand Prix trophy, His first win with Red Bull.

When is Chekhov’s next F1 race?

This is the second weekend in a row Sunday, July 4th The Formula 1 will be held in Austria There it will be Sergio Perez is looking for his second win of the year He was third in France in addition to winning the third stage, Azerbaijan in the last four races.

In his most recent presentation at the Great Motor Racing Circus, Tabato Ranked fourth in Styria (Austria), suffering from a pitfall in the lap 27, lost him to reach one of the top three places as he was 0.5 seconds behind Valteri Botas.

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