Selena Quintanilla: AB Quintanilla and her battle against a terrible mental illness | Selena: The Series | Netflix nnda nnlt series | Famous

Selena Quintanilla: AB Quintanilla and her battle against a terrible mental illness |  Selena: The Series |  Netflix nnda nnlt series |  Famous

, An autobiography that retraces the most important moments in Selena Quintanella’s life, continues to offer something to talk about after its December 4, 2020 premiere. The successful Netflix production once again put the Tex-Mex queen on the topic of The Conversation of the Moment, however, she’s not spared the criticism.

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She is an icon of Latin music and whose songs are still playing after more than 20 years, including “Como La Fleur”, “El Chico del Peso 512” and “Bedi Bedi Boom Boom”, the songs that propelled her to fame and made her one of the most important singers in history.

Talk about the musical success of He also talks about the importance of his brothers’ presence in his life and his beginnings in music. In particular AB QuintanillaWho wrote many of the most famous songs for Queen Tex-Mex.

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AB Quintanilla, 57, is the older brother of Selena and with Suzette, on drums, has practically accompanied the artist throughout her career. They formed the “Selena e Los Dinos” group, which later added more members.

After the death of his sister, He did not lose his passion for music and became a music producer. He continued writing and joining bands such as Kumbia Kings, a group they came with to sell over 20 million records, and Kumbia All Starz.

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Although he has kept a low profile when it comes to his private life, the producer and songwriter has not been without scandals. He has starred in scandals in which he gets into trouble with alcohol, the law, and his misconduct.

However, little is known that Selena Quintanella’s older brother has had mental problems that have plagued him throughout his life. It was in 2015 when She spoke about this topic during an interview with “Suelta la Sopa”.

In the conversation He revealed that he suffers from bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit disorder. Problems he decided to take care of because of his mother’s insistence on his mental health.

The artist has undergone surgery on several occasions. In the aforementioned program, He mentioned that after suffering a severe fall, he underwent several surgeries because he lost mobility in his legs. For this reason, he was seen on several occasions attending various occasions with devices that enable him to walk.

Time after, He returned to the operating room with problems with one of his shoulders, with 4 screws installed. These attitudes made Selena’s older brother conscious and took care of his health.

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