Selena: These are the tattoos AB Quintanilla made in her honor

Selena: These are the tattoos AB Quintanilla made in her honor

AB Quintanilla If pas like 15 to get a tattoo Celina Because he adored his sister “with these words, Christina Saraligi. She revealed in 2005 what happened to Selena’s family after she was murdered on March 31, 1995.

According to th conductorThe musician was so horrified that he sought to deal with the loss by leaving the tattoo machine on his skin and injecting various designs reminiscent of “Tex-Mex queen“Every time he looks in front of a mirror.

Former member of Dinosaurs Greater than 50 Tattoo Along his skin, but most of this skin cloth is dedicated to the remembrance of his ex-wife Chris Breeze.

AB Quintanilla He is someone who is conservative about his feelings and has spoken only a few times on this topic; However, through his Instagram account, you can see some of the captured works. Here are the most representative ones.

Like a flower

In addition to being the title of one of the most famous songs he wrote, this tune for AB Quintanilla has a lot of weight, because it’s also the piece with his sister and the group that has been a part of his family since they were. Both teenagers are recognized.

4 16 71

These numbers that can go unnoticed by the less educated in Selena’s life are related to her birth date, which happened in April, the 16th day of 1971. With this honor, the musician wanted to know his arrival into his world. sister.

Selena’s face

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Another sign that AB has got on his skin is his sister’s face. This tattoo has undergone some modifications including the rose crown that serves as the frame for this “Queen of Tex-Mex” selfie.

United forever

Much of Quintanilla’s body features details reminiscent of the singer. One is on the back of her hand, which includes the legend “SQ and AQ,” which is a tribute to her and his initials.


Los Dinos is the group that led the Quintanilla family to fame, so mentioning the group’s name is part of the remembrance of its past which is so closely linked to the “La Carcacha” translator.

Mysterious look

The music producer mentioned letting a tattoo machine make a pair of eyes near the armpits, although there is no further evidence of it, the look is unmistakable in Selena. His name, too, is embedded in his head.

Full body

The last of greeting On the musician’s skin, on one of his legs, where you can see “Rina Dependent Tex-Mex ” Dance.


There is no clearer honor than that given by naming people. So did AB on his right arm, putting the name of the murdered singer on March 31, 1995.

One ms

In the back, AB. Quintanella drew a portrait of Selena from the waist up. This is an unprecedented tattoo, because to see it a musician has to take off his shirt.


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