Sergio Ramos, injured again … More classic down?

Sergio Ramos, injured again … More classic down?

The Real Madrid He has been experiencing a trial with injuries and physical problems this season. This Thursday, the club confirmed New from Sergio Ramos This will keep you off the field for a few weeks. The White House has confirmed it is vulnerable An injury to the twins.

In a statement posted on its website, Madrid mentioned it “After tests carried out today on our captain Sergio Ramos by Real Madrid Medical Services, he was found to have a muscle injury in the inner double of his left leg.” Not to mention the minimum time without the club, but the two ‘finals’ that the Madrid team will enjoy in two weeks.

Keep that in mind Zinedine Zidane This Saturday (4:15 p.m.) will face La Liga and then Eber on Tuesday Liverpool for the knockout stages of the Champions League, In Di Stefano. On Saturday, they will host FC Barcelona At home, for dispute Classic Spanish They will face the ‘red’ team again on April 14 at Anfield. ‘Camaro’ will lose all parties.

Ramos was recovering from another injury Menstruation of his left knee. He underwent surgery on February 6 and reappeared a month and a few days later for the game against him. Elch, Lalika, and before Atlanta, 16 In the second leg of the Champions League round, he secured a 2-0 lead for Real Madrid when he scored a goal from eleven meters.

News on social media

Prior to the Real Madrid statement, Sergio Ramos confirmed his injury through his social networks. Captain Mering wrote it “The truth is, I’ve been working really hard for a few weeks. An intervention is always a sport and an emotional break. Fortunately, I’m been feeling better for a few days now, but football and misfortune play a role, just like life. “

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Ramos described the moment he realized something was wrong with his physical condition. “Yesterday, after the game, I was training on the field and noticed a puncture in my left calf. Today I was examined and I was confirmed to have a muscle injury.”, Wrote.

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