Sergio Vargas mentions the names of several callers who “never did anyone a favor”

Sergio Vargas mentions the names of several callers who “never did anyone a favor”

Sergio Vargas celebrates his first Latin Grammy nomination and during a radio interview, the Meringuero went off topic and launched it against many of the country’s contacts, who spend their time theorizing in the media, he says, but are indifferent to the need for a neighbour. .

“Do I want someone to tell me to whom did Nuria Berra, Giulito Jassim, Marino Zabetti or Hoshi Laura a favor?” “Sergio Vargas is a merengue, what a problem?” asked the translator of “Boqueta,” the new merengue that was included on the Grammy-nominated album.

Vargas made the comment on the radio program “D´Parranda Radio show” (broadcast on Dominicana FM), in order to highlight the work he was doing with businessmen organizing concerts for his fellow university and helping inmates. This is to achieve his professional position.

Sergio Vargas, known for his straightforward style of saying things, repeated: “I just want one of those callers to tell me, do a favour, just to find out.”

+ First time at the Latin Grammys

On another topic, Merenguero celebrates for the first time a Latino Grammy nomination, this time with a J&N Record production.

“I am celebrating for the first time my Latin Grammy nomination and for the first time I am going to visit Las Vegas, I have already bought my ticket,” said the artist, included in the category “Best Merengue / Bachata Album in Equatoria”. “

The translator of “La Ventanita” competes in this line with fellow Dominicans Luis Segura, Fernando Villalona, ​​Alexandra and Mane Cruz.

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