Sevilla FC Vs. Real Madrid – Match Report – April 17, 2022

Sevilla FC Vs.  Real Madrid – Match Report – April 17, 2022

(EFE) – Real Madrid beat Sevilla 2-3 and came close to a La Liga title in the second half, subject to a significant transformation in which they dominated from start to finish.

He sealed a deserving comeback with the Brazilian’s goals Rodrigo Goss, Nacho Fernandez Y Kareem BenzemaAfter going into the break with an adverse 2-0.

After Sevilla’s excellent first half, he stunned the captain with his pressure and advanced 2-0 with Croatia’s goals. Ivan Rakitic And Argentina Eric Lamella (Minutes 21 and 25), Madrid changed the landscape in second place, went out for a comeback and reached it well enough with goals Rodrigo (50 m), நாச்சோ (m.82) After informing Vinicius of another before considering the referee and consulting with the VAR, he touched the ball with his forearm and Benzema’s result was already 92.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team seems to want to live on the wire. In the Champions League he escaped key moments against PSG and Chelsea against the London players this week. In Ramon Sanchez Bijouan, the only stadium where no one won the match, resurfaced from its ashes in a match plagued by controversy and claims from both sides.

With six more games to go, Real Madrid are fifteen points ahead of Barcelona’s Sevilla, with the match against Cadiz this Monday and next Sunday’s against Rojo Vallecano, and Atletico de Madrid, who beat Espanyol last time out on penalties.

Sevilla took advantage of his position and became the owner of the game and the scoreboard. After requesting a fine from Diego Charles Julen Lopeteguin’s team scored two goals in four minutes, the work of Ivan Rakitic (m.21), with a direct free kick, and Argentina Eric Lamella (m.25), portraying Brazilian defender Eder Milito in two acts.

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The Andalusian team also won its second yellow card against the French team Eduardo Camavinga In action his comrade was wounded and had to leave. Ancelotti did not like the risk and replaced the young Frenchman at the break. Brazilian instead of him RodrigoThe key against Chelsea is also important against Sevilla.

Reduced the distances. With the goal, Real Madrid advanced significantly and Sevilla were left in the dark. In another controversial act, Vinicius’s goal was canceled by hand by the referee. This decision made the leader even more upset. நாச்சோAs he entered the field, he signed the tables (82m) and Rodrigo reached the bottom in the extension and Benzema signed 2-3 in the final.

Atletico de Madrid had to wait even longer against Espanyol. In 100 minutes, on the latest La Liga goal, Belgium Yannick Karasco He converted a penalty imposed by the referee after the video went to the jury at the hands of Raul de Tomas 2-1.

After a disappointing elimination from the Champions League against Manchester City, Diego Pablo Simeone’s team qualified to receive fewer points with one man due to the dismissal of the Frenchman. Jeffrey Gondocbia It was one of the alternatives introduced by the Argentine coach at the break, after Karasco opened the scoring with a double alert in the 20th minute and 1-0.

Espanyol, who had already lost to Atletico in the first round on a long extension, finally equalized with a goal from Raul de Tomas within a quarter-hour, but did not know how to use the opposite approaches. John Oblock Redeemer on at least three occasions, and last time handed the striker’s hand.

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The struggle for salvation is approaching every day. In the absence of Cadiz, the final, played at Camp Nou this Monday, saw the last two teams, Alves and Levante, win and Rayo Vallecano.

At Sunday’s one-on-one meeting with relevant groups, Jose Luis Morales was once again a true ‘commander’, conductor and executive of a Lavande.

The Valencian side, with two assists and Morales’ penalty, won the Nuevo Los Carmenes victory over Granada (1-4), along with Mallorca, one point behind Cadiz.

‘Commandant’ Tony Gomez’s first goal was made with a beautiful change on goal line and with an accurate pass, he forced a penalty, he converted himself and awarded to the Frenchman. Mickey Malsa 0-3.

Nothing was available for Granada. He was weak in the back, he did not take advantage of his options, and to make matters worse he was trailing by a double yellow against the German Sanchez, then the referee, after going to the video arbitration, awarded a penalty to the second Lavande goal. . Alex Collado hid the defeat in the extension and saved the difference (Andalusia won 0-3 in the first round in Valencia), but there was still time for that. Roberto SoldadoNasrid Block’s former striker, will reach the empty goal 1-4.

Although mathematics has not yet proved it, Zelda’s permanence has been left behind by their win at San Moms against Athletic (0-2), further complicating their European dream.

A subtle touch Igo aspasBrais Méndez’s centerpiece, and a huge long-range shot from Fran Peltron testify to Argentina’s victory Edward ‘Sacho’ Gowdett closed the series without winning four games, three of which were defeats.

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