Shakira surprises Carlos Vives at the concert: this deserves his clothes – PEOPLE – CULTURE

Shakira surprises Carlos Vives at the concert: this deserves his clothes – PEOPLE – CULTURE

colombian singers, Carlos Vives and ShakiraThey are two of the most beloved Colombian artists around the world, and they also share a beautiful friendship that has been revealed on several occasions.

In 2023, Carlos Vives He completed the first 30 years of his artistic careerThat’s why he decided to go on a world tour to several countries where he has the largest number of followers.

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At one of the last concerts in Miami, where Shakira is staying, The Barranquilla girl surprised him on stagePerforms with him the interpretation of the collaboration “La Bicicleta”.

During the concert, specifically in the aforementioned solo song, the singers changed the lyrics of the song, to avoid mentioning Pique, as it originally said: ““If you show Pique the Tayrona one day, he won’t want to go to Barcelona later.”

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What is the cost of the clothes that Shakira wore at the concert?

But the surprise and the modification of the words were not the only details that attracted attention, as the jeans that the Barranquilla woman wore caused an uproar among the singer’s followers.

According to what they claim on various social networks, Shakira used Some expensive iridescent pants studded with diamonds that belong to the famous Italian clothing brand “Chiara Ferragni”.

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It is noted on the website of this company that these pants are called “Atiko Banya Crystal Embellished Jeans”and although it is temporarily out of stock, it is known to contain Approximate value: 2350 euroswhich roughly corresponds to 10,202,735 Colombian pesos.

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