Shakira was attacked by wild boars in Barcelona | Video – People – Culture

Shakira was attacked by wild boars in Barcelona |  Video – People – Culture

Shakira Share on social networks a moment that surprised millions of his followers. According to her Instagram stories, the actress was attacked by a couple pigs While he was in a famous park in Barcelona.

From his place of residence, he showed how his personal bag was after the experiment. He even revealed that his bag was nearly destroyed, after the animals took his belongings.

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See how two wild boars left my bag that attacked me in the park. They attacked me and blew up everything. And they were taking my bag into the woods with my phoneBarranquilla described.

“In the end they left my bag because I confronted them,” he added.

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Testimony the successful singer left in stories on her Instagram account, where she gracefully tells her eldest son: “Milan, tell the truth, tell how your mother faced wild boars.”

His story sparked comments and reactions on the networks. Some were concerned about the singer and others took with humor her story that wild boars almost took her bag.

Shakira is based in Barcelona With her husband and two children, with whom she has been active in recent days on social networks such as Instagram And Tik Tok. In her most recent appearance, the Colombian posted a challenge in the company of Milan and Sasha, with the musical success of J Balvin ‘In da getto’ spreading just minutes after it was posted and repeated by the artist himself.

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