She cleans houses in the United States, and her boss gives her a wonderful gift, but she is disappointed when she sees the details

She cleans houses in the United States, and her boss gives her a wonderful gift, but she is disappointed when she sees the details

Monica Ruiz is a Mexican who has worked for over a decade in the United States House cleaning business in the USA. right Now He has his own company, so he has already accumulated endless experiences and tales that he likes to tell. Among them, she mentioned that it was common for her clients to give her things they no longer needed, and that an object that had recently come into her hands filled her with emotion. In an unexpected twist, Mooney, as she is called, has gone from happy to disappointed.

The goal of the worker is Grow your business as much as possible, in order to employ immigrants who have recently arrived in the North American country. For this reason, he prioritizes adding Americans with higher purchasing power to his client portfolio, according to what he said in his TikTok videos (@Munirwis 78). This case makes you receive Gifts worth hundreds or thousands of dollarsOr at least that’s what he believed the last time he had it.

A domestic worker revealed the latest gift a customer gave her

Monica and her workers offer their services to an elderly lady. On one of his last visits, The woman gave her a bag of an exclusive brand: “I arrived and started cleaning the whole house and eventually we left her bedroom,” TickTokker explains in a recent clip. When they were about to leave, the client told him that she had something to offer him: “He said to me “Look, I have a bag for you, it’s Louis Vuitton”… My eyes wanted to pop out“.

The cleaning lady immediately thought it was an expensive item.. She was grateful and started imagining what kind of clothes would go with the gift, until she realized the details.

Only when she had the appendix in her hands did the landlord tell her the truth: “She told me it was one of those copies, It’s not originalBut I didn’t like it because I bought it and it broke,” he said. At that moment, Monica’s delusions fell through and she sent herself just to thank the details: “I was like ‘Oh, I was just excited,'” she said in her video when she took the situation with humor.

His tale caused him so much grace that he decided to tell it to his virtual community. immediately, Dozens of people left their opinion. Most of them reacted with a laugh: “This is Louis Gretton (not Louis Vuitton)”; “Leguas could see it was a copy”; “I was excited too, I was going to ask him for the address to clean myself up”; “They gave me a bag of oranges”; “The details are very nice”; “You turned me on, you left for the last thing to say that it wasn’t original”; “I think this is Liusa Buiton.”

Monica received a big surprise at her job
Monica received a big surprise at her job@moniruiz78/TikTok

Secondly, There were those who criticized it for making fun of the fact that it was not an original bag. This is because in the same video he explains that they have given it to him on other occasions The original Louis VuittonBut he sold it because he didn’t like it. “Love it, give it to me, love it”; “No side is demanded for what is given. Be a little more humble”; For the first time a gift bag and sell it, what a sadness. They wrote to him: a gift is a gift, it doesn’t matter if it’s a stone.


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