Shocking videos circulating on the networks

Shocking videos circulating on the networks

A strong earthquake was recorded on Thursday across the country around 12:05 PM. In Bogotá, sirens are heard in different parts of the city.

According to the Colombian Geological Service, the epicenter was in El Calvario, Meta. The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.1, and a depth of less than 30 km. Seconds later, 5.6 followers were reported.

Among the videos circulating on social media, the strong movement felt by the Colombians and the horrific scenes of panic experienced by some citizens were recorded. This is the moment when the whole city’s alarms go off and paralyze the daily activities of the capital.

In the nation’s capital, several images on city streets indicate traffic lights and an alarming situation in business.

Shocking videos in restaurants and shopping centers are circulating across the networks. Lamps, kitchen utensils and tables shook from the strong tremors in Bogota.

Poles, electricity pylons, and other structures shook violently on Thursday afternoon, August 17th.

People living on the upper floors of buildings recorded shocking videos from their homes and workplaces.

This video of a citizen living on the 22nd floor of a building recorded the moment of the earthquake, and the shocking pictures immediately spread.

Major cities immediately started evacuations and this was the scenario that played out on some of the streets of Bogota.

The country’s streets were paralyzed while its occupants were driven from businesses, apartment buildings, and businesses.

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