Should the Honduras goalkeeper have been sent off on penalties for two yellow cards?

Should the Honduras goalkeeper have been sent off on penalties for two yellow cards?

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Honduras goalkeeper Edric Menjivar received two yellow cards and there was confusion as he was believed to have been sent off in the penalty round, although the regulations state that no blocking cards are accumulated in that event.

Goalkeeper of Honduras, Eric MenjivarHe was not sent off after receiving a second yellow card in the match against Gatracha Mexico.

Why did this happen?

The goalkeeper was cautioned in the 86th minute, but during the penalty kicks he saw a fresh yellow card from Whistler. Evan Barton El Salvador, which is why it was maintained during the said event.

During the penalty shootout, the goalkeeper moved on the first charge Cesar Huerta. The goalkeeper stopped the charge and the whistler decided to resume action.

Eric Menjivar received two yellow cards during the penalty shootout.Imago 7

The second shot saw the striker save his shot again, but repeated it when the whistler moved again. The referee therefore showed him a yellow card, which prompted a reaction from the Tri footballers when he was told to be sent off.

It was up to the third charge vegetable garden With that hit he was able to make his shot more effective Mexico One more ‘push’ to reach the Copa America.

What does the rule say according to the International Football Association Board?

Rule 10:

A penalty shoot-out will be taken at the end of the match, unless otherwise stipulated, the Laws of the Game shall apply.

Players sent off during the match cannot participate in the penalty shootout. On the other hand, warnings and reprimands imposed on players and coaching staff during the match will not be taken into account in the penalty shoot-out.

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