Silence is broken by a fan touching Vicente Fernandez’s breast

Silence is broken by a fan touching Vicente Fernandez’s breast

In the last hour the singer became a trend Vicente Fernandez He was branded a ‘stalker’ after spreading the compromising material. Well, in one video, he touched the chest of a fan who wanted a photo with him, but she broke her silence and gave a version of the events.

The fan said that the meeting took place 4 years ago and that the reason he was so quiet was not because she wanted to, but because she didn’t realize it; He also gave reasons for not raising his voice at the time.

“This photo was taken in 2017. The reason my expression is so quiet is not because I wanted to, but because I didn’t feel her hand, Mom until I saw my photos. I was wearing a ‘bra’ with padding, something very hard to feel, especially since it was down, I didn’t feel it until I looked at the photo and zoomed in, ”he said in an interview for the show’s concept project.

The “victim” explained that Vincent should not have touched his body; Also, he commented that he was not the only one who experienced this kind of experience: “I felt super abused, I was super angry. I do not care if it is Vincent Fernandez, he should not have touched my body without my permission. I hope many women have experienced the same thing, ”she said.

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Images of Vicente Fernandez touching a fan’s chest are circulating

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