Singer and interviewer Xilia Hernandez . dies

Singer and interviewer Xilia Hernandez . dies

Singer, chef and art historian Zelia Hernandez passed away, her daughter Amelia reported Sunday to the Association of Art Historians (Acroarte), an entity of which she was a founding member.

Zelia Hernandez was a versatile artistwith an extensive career in the art world.

In the seventies he settled in Spain, hoping to highlight his career in music. There is a long play record and he developed relationships that allowed him to break through in that arena.

“Zelia Hernandez was an important member of this union, a founder, a woman who made an important mark in the chapter she represents, an entrepreneur and a female worker. Today we mourn her passing and we ask the Lord for her eternal rest. From the Executive Committee we offer a solidarity hug to the relatives and our condolences”, commented Emeline Baldera, President Acroarte.

From the age of thirteen she ventured into gastronomy, becoming one of the The most prominent personalities in the culinary field of the Dominican Republic.

Their contributions to the “CocinArte” program can be appreciated, which was broadcast for several years by Teleantillas, and which was printed in book format in 2001 with the same name.

From CocinArte he released a second volume in 2006, and between both publications, he has collected hundreds of recipes with different styles and easy-to-prepare dishes. Three years later, it expanded its bibliography of gastronomy with the release of Mi amigo el arroz, and in 2011 it is still immersed in the field with side dishes and more, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, bread, wraps, and, finally, snacks, appetizers, soups, creams and salads. In 2002, Xilia distributed the video “CocinArte”, another compilation of her cookbook.

A little over ten years ago, he was still performing sporadically on small stages in Santo Domingo. He faked a romantic songbook over timea subject that allowed him to conquer the most demanding music lovers.

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