Singer denounces being harassed by Vicente Fernandez and “something more serious than that”

Singer denounces being harassed by Vicente Fernandez and “something more serious than that”

After being accused of touching his fans inappropriately, Vicente Fernandez A new scandal accumulates in his career with the singer’s complaint Lupita Castro.

Still in the eye of the hurricane, “El Charro de Huentitán” is once again accused of molesting a woman. The complaint was announced through a series of videos posted on TikTok, in which the Mexican singer said she had suffered from harassment, but also from something more serious than that.

“Vicente Fernandez teased me for a long time, but he did something more for me, more serious than that. My name is Lupita Castro, I am a singer.”

With a second video, Lupita He stressed that, with his complaints, he does not intend to benefit from the recent accusations faced by the interpreter of “this jealousy” and that he has already tried to announce his case in the United States, however, his statements never appeared. Because of the “Don Chinti” effect.

I don’t want to take advantage of what is happening now, but eight months ago I started writing my book and as a result, a Spanish-speaking American television station gave an interview to me and they told me that they would notify him of what was happening. I used to say nothing to what happened to that interviewHe explained in the series of recordings that were reproduced more than half a million times on the said social network.

Although at the moment she has not revealed further details, she requested that she not be questioned because she had been silent for many years and said that she was willing to tell the whole truth:That is why I am here, I want to talk about my right. The important thing is not the reason why it has stayed so long, the most important thing is the reason why it does so“.

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Before concluding, he warned that he would no longer remain silent, and thus the actions that father had committed Away Fernandez.

I suffered a lot, many years of silence, but not anymore. I will not shut it up anymore. I also have the power of God, the power of the word and the power of this little section. Thanks, friends, see you soonHe was sentenced.

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