Singer Manuel Manuel has been accepted into a Puerto Rican help center

Singer Manuel Manuel has been accepted into a Puerto Rican help center
Pictured is Puerto Rican singer Manuel Manuel. EFE / Jorge Moniz / Archive

San Juan, March 15th (EFE). Merengue singer Manuel Manuel, 48, is hospitalized at a help center in Puerto Rico to solve various health problems that he has suffered for a long time, such as alcohol addiction.
“After the regular operations performed on patients held in that institution, the artist will continue to receive more specialized treatment in the United States, where he is expected to stay for several weeks and may return to fulfill various professional obligations here on the island. That will be announced soon,” in a statement. Released on Monday.
Mani Manuel is asking for space
Both the artist and his family ask for “the space needed to continue the healing process that is necessary and desirable by all”.
“Everyone knows that this is not an easy thing; it is physical, emotional and spiritual work from day to day; it is a medical condition that, like many others, has its time in treatment and success. What I am sure is that with Mani Manuel said today:“ God willing, I will be In good health very soon, from head to toe, with everyone enjoying what I love: music and the crowd. “
Justice problems
On March 3, the attorney general’s office in Caguas, a municipality in the interior of Puerto Rico, filed charges against the artist for allegedly driving while drunk and for doing so recklessly under the influence of alcoholic beverages.
During the hearing, a reason was issued for lesser crimes related, allegedly, to driving a car drunk and due to neglect.
At the end of last December, the artist was exposed to two traffic accidents that caused the judicial procedures.
At dawn on December 24th, the artist had a traffic accident when he hit a lamp post while driving in the opposite direction and in an apparent poisoning case in the town of Junkus.
The second accident happened on the same day, when he was driving in the direction of Guaynabo, a town near San Juan, in Bayamón, he lost control of his car and hit a concrete fence.
Manuel also made headlines in November after he was found “in bad shape” in his car, on a street in the island’s capital.
Manuel’s public problems began on February 24, 2019 in Spain, when he performed during the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival and was expelled from the stage due to his physical condition.
On December 10, the Puerto Rican said his homosexual orientation had caused unbearable pressure on him over the years, from school, and even on his music team, who had already gotten rid of him.

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