Singer Pink offers to pay a fine to Norway for not wearing a bikini

Singer Pink offers to pay a fine to Norway for not wearing a bikini

The UEFA Disciplinary Committee imposed a fine of 1,500 euros on the Scandinavian team that faced one match; Offer to pay the fine

Japan – American singer pink Offered to pay the fine imposed on the Norwegian women’s beach handball team for playing a match in European ChampionshipA, against Spain, wear short leggings instead of wearing a flashy bikini.

“I am very proud of the Norwegian women’s beach handball team for protesting the sexual rules of their uniforms. The European Handball Federation (EHF) should be fined for gender discrimination. Good for you ladies. I will gladly pay the fine for you. Keep it up,” he wrote on Twitter at the end of this week.

UEFA’s Disciplinary Committee has fined the Scandinavian team 1,500 euros for a bronze medal match with “shorts” – not a bikini bottom – despite warnings from UEFA, which treated the situation as an “improper case of clothing”.

The Norwegian team shared a message pink In his social networks, for which he thanked the support.

The singer then released a response comparing the equipment required for the men’s teams, a T-shirt and shorts, with the women’s organizational set, which consists of a beach bikini.

The text reads: “This is sexism! So let the women dress in the same clothes as the men or have the men play on speedos.”

Current regulations require players to wear a bikini and the bottom “no more than ten centimeters at the sides”.

the Norway Federation, NHFHe pointed out to various media outlets that the team’s clothing should be “free to choose within a unified framework” and that the important thing “is that the athletes feel comfortable.”

“Such a macho vision belongs to another era,” a Norwegian newspaper said, while Norway’s Culture Minister Aviv Raja noted on Twitter that the sports authority’s decision was “totally absurd”.

Ahead of the tournament, Norway requested permission to play in shorts from the FA, which has already warned of a possible penalty for what it describes as a “case of improper clothing”. The Norwegian Federation, for its part, announced that it would take care of the fine in the event that his team was punished.

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