Sivas, Clausura removed from 2022

Sivas, Clausura removed from 2022

MX League

Chivas de Guadalajara and Atlas will play this Sunday for the quarterfinals of the Liga MX’s Clausura 2022 tournament. Follow all the details of Rebaño Pasión.

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The Chivas de Guadalajara will face Atlas this Sunday, May 15, at the Jalisco Stadium. De la Berla Tabatia’s commitment to the quarterfinals of the Liga MX’s Clausura 2022 competition. Flock Passion gives you how and where to look for this exciting encounter.

+ Check out the classic Tabato between Chivas and Atlas here

The Holy Herd has been training at its facilities in Verde Valley since Friday. YouThey practically defined the call for this fight against Rojinecros in the Colossa de la Avenida Independence. There they will try to score two different goals needed to advance to the next level. Rosiblancos They face this fundamental encounter in their aspirations to fight for the titleAfter the mood boost that occurred when Ricardo Cadena’s bench arrived.

Inspired holy flock, Led by medieval Ricardo Cadena, he delivered a blow of power in the reclassification by winning over university students. So now he hopes to continue his path to the title in this series of the series The quarterfinal against Rojinecros coming into this round as the third-ranked player in Liguila And with the poster of the current champion of Liga MX.

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