Sivas, for awakening or crisis; Sotanero may be AP 2022Mediotiempo

Sivas, for awakening or crisis;  Sotanero may be AP 2022Mediotiempo

It’s already played Competition Day 5 of Opening match 2022 And it’s time Sivas Arise triumphantly or A further crunch of results will be welcomeThis has characterized the club in recent years, Effective from 2018 onwards.

A group of Richard Chainas well as Mazatlan FC (play today against Pumas) and Queretaro (Rojiblanco Rival) They didn’t win In this second half of 2022, those are the last places Overall table.

Sivas Rush to that victory that restarts the project Light rope and faces accurately Queretaro White RoostersAnd if you can’t add three, There is a risk of ending up as a basement Tonight, one that is not in the leadership team’s budget Amaury Vergara.

Sivas Record three points A product of relationshipsAnd this Target is a headache; Rojiblancos They have the worst offense in the ChampionshipWith just one caveat, though They don’t get much and they register on two; Their added problem was that they didn’t allow three goals, which made things a little more complicated today.

White roosters A bad team with only A draw and Chivas’ rival; If Queretanos wins, issues will come to the table Light rope; Must be tied Holy flock Climb up two levels and stay ahead of their fiercest competitors: Atlas Y America.

This will be the debut of Santiago Ormeo

Panorama looks tough, but the striker’s introduction could also be linked Santiago Ormeno And one win, against the worst defense in the tournament (8 against). If the result is the opposite, nothing will save Ricardo Cadena Very serious questions, due Low productivity A committed team will show a competitive face with a rising- passing standard after completing its first match.

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Sivas He has not won since then Final match 2022When he lost 4-1 Cougars In the playoffs, There are already 3 losses and 4 draws in their last 7 duelsCounting in 6 MX LeaguePlus versus friendly Juventus of Turin Las Vegas, snowfall.

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