Slim “congratulates” AMLO on the opening of AIFA – El Financiero

Slim “congratulates” AMLO on the opening of AIFA – El Financiero

Several businessmen have already gathered at Philip Angeles International Airport (AIFA) to accompany President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the opening ceremony.

“Very good, it was amazing”were the words of Engineer Carlos Slim, President for Life of Grupo Carso, in a short interview with the media.

Emilio Azcárraga, head of Grupo Televisa, arrived at exactly 10:00 and said it took between 50 and 55 minutes to reach the air terminal.

Also attending the event will be Carlos Slim Dumet, of Grupo Carso; Miguel Rinconthe Biopapel and compadre of the chief; Carlos Hank Gonzalez of Banorte. Fernando Landeros of the Teletón Foundation; Eduardo Trisio, from Grupo Lala; Marcus Fastlich among others.

Slim was one of the “losers” of the cancellation of what was to become New Mexico International Airport, which President Lopez Obrador canceled as a result of a citizens’ consultation in 2018.

The engineer owns most of the The 600 million dollars The Fibra E – a hybrid between a master limited company, infrastructure and real estate investment trust – issued by the Mexico City Airport Group (GACM).

Fibra E bond holders ended up receiving an advance payment of their shares, which in total It adds up to 34 billion pesos.

They encourage consultation on cancellation … in favor of AMLO

The president’s supporters took advantage of the fact that they had been invited to the inauguration of AIFA to promote the revocation of the mandate.

They chanted in the airline’s check-in area “It’s such an honor to be with Obrador! It’s such an honor to be with Obrador!”

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Some of them wore mimicking features of some journalists, among them Victor Trujillo’s character Bruzo.

Other sympathizers uploaded the image of the president and the identity of Que Sigue la Democracia, an association brought together Most companies To activate the exercise that will take place on April 10.

The President announced this morning that he will vote in the consultations.

“Yes of course as a citizen…but let’s not talk about it anymore, Don’t go brush me,” he said at the conference he chaired at AIFA.

With information from Justin Villamil and Andrea Navarro

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