Slot game strategies that can make all the difference

Slot game strategies that can make all the difference

Slots games outnumber all the other games in the average US casino put together. While different players have different table games they like to play, practically everyone who sets foot in a casino has at least a few spins on a slot. Every slot game has a programmed Return to Player (RTP) that is typically around 96 percent, which means that over time it pays out at a ratio of 96 coins for every 100 wagered.

Those four coins per hundred contribute towards the casino’s overall revenue, and cannot be overcome. There are, however, ways to minimize your losses, to make your bankroll last longer and to improve your chances of occasionally beating the odds and being one of the lucky one who lands a jackpot payout.

Leverage any advantage

The casino business is highly competitive, especially online. Casinos tend to be quite generous with bonuses, so use these to your advantage. Real money casino review pages such as these experts’ choices of gambling sites paying real money help you identify the US casino platforms that are offering the best deals. Freebies such as no deposit bonuses give you an extra chance to scoop a win on the slots without having to lay down anything from your own pocket.

Choose your game with care

Your top priority when choosing a slots game should always be selecting one you enjoy playing. After all, the whole point is having fun, and don’t lose sight of that fact. Having said that, some people just choose games at random or really don’t mind which one they play. Under these circumstances, always check the RTP – it makes logical sense to choose the game that is programmed to give the biggest return to player.

Bet the max if you can

If you bankroll can handle it, you will always stand a better chance of a big win if you make big wagers. The real fun part of today’s slots is around the special bonuses, the mini-games, the free spin events and so on. Often, these can only be triggered when you bet the max, and if you bet anything less, entire aspects of the game, including any progressive jackpot, are closed off to you.

Practice for free

If you follow the last tip, it is important you know what you are doing, as you are staking a significant wager per spin. Slot games don’t come with instructions, but many of the major platforms let you play a free version, just for fun. Make full use of it to get to know the game, but once you are confident about how it works, switch to full money without delay. There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting the jackpot when you’re not actually playing for any money.

Take it slow

Casino games are all about probabilities. The more spins you take on a slot, the more likely it is that your net loss will approximate to the house edge. Fewer spins means less money wagered and a higher possibility of finding yourself considerably better – or worse – than down four percent. In short, it is not a race. Take your time between each spin and relish every moment.

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