So you can change your WhatsApp number without losing chats or contacts

So you can change your WhatsApp number without losing chats or contacts

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world, but it has functions that not everyone knows yet. The application offers an option in its application that allows you to change the number without losing contacts or conversations.

The first requirement is that the phone is connected to the Internet and has the ability to receive calls and text messages. Once this is confirmed you can enter WhatsApp through the device and click on Settings, Account and Change Number.

If the number changes due to the user going abroad, the app will provide the option to adjust the country code and ask for old and new phone numbers.

Once this information is complete, WhatsApp will automatically configure the configuration and allow users to continue using the app as usual with their new phone number. Contacts, conversations and group information you add will remain the same.

Apps give you the option to send a notification of change on the phone to all contacts or only a few of them so they are aware of the change.

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