Soccer tennis, footpong, basketball 2×2 and much more, in the return of the classic in Pinamar

Soccer tennis, footpong, basketball 2×2 and much more, in the return of the classic in Pinamar

Summer in Argentina is full of traditions and classics. From churros on the beach to snacks on the sand, there are countless ordinary postcards, especially from the coast of our country, which are repeated year after year. But if we talk about the classics, we can not leave out the files Registered Marketing Space, which opened last Sunday for the fifth consecutive season in Pinamar.

It is located on Avenida del Mar y Trirremes, the corner of sports, healthy living and entertainment, Presented its updates for the summer of 2022, with various recreational and recreational activities that will extend for the next few weeks.

The registered marketing space was opened in Pinamar.

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And so, on Sunday, the ribbon of the Arena Orbis Seguros, the beach stadium, was cut Where sports drinks and recreational activities will be held for adults, children and teens. Additionally, the Pelones put the show into a fun afternoon.

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Every morning in January and February You can enjoy the health sector with gymnastics and yoga classes. Traditional football tennis court, photpong, basketball 2v2 and mini beach volleyball court They complete a free and free sports offer for all vacationers.

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“Maintaining the ongoing commitment to Pinamar, new spaces for the combined use of residents and tourists have been added throughout the year. This summer, the city’s first sea front joint action will be launched, with connectivity and refreshments. In addition, a center for audiovisual content has been established for local and national media,” said Registered Marketing Space.

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