Sofia Vergara tells how she beat cancer

Sofia Vergara tells how she beat cancer
Sofia Vergara, Colombian actress. She showed a picture of her body in the 90s. Photo: Instagram

Sofia Vergara recounted her experience with cancer when she was diagnosed with thyroid at the age of 28. The highest paid actress on TV in the United States He admitted he was on a routine checkup in 2000 when a doctor examined his neck and found a lump that was later confirmed to be thyroid cancer.

Vergara had previously said that the visit he made at the time to the doctor was to take his son Manolo to an endocrinologist and make sure he did not have diabetes.

The actress returned to hard times during “Stand Up Against Cancer,” a Saturday Night Live event to raise money to fight the disease. Vergara said she was very afraid of what the disease and her name would suggest, But he tried not to panic “and decided to educate myself.”

At the event featuring stars like Reese Witherspoon, with whom Sophia actually shared the screen, Jennifer Garner said:I was fortunate to find out early on and have the support of my doctors and, most importantly, my family (…) I believe that when you go through an experience like this, your priorities change. You realize what is important to youReminiscent of the Colombian.

He admitted that he preferred not to say anything at the time because he did not want to publicize the case, and the first time he spoke about it was in 2011 for Health magazine. “Having cancer isn’t fun. You don’t want to deal with anything else while you’re doing this,” he said at the event.

Vergara said she was able to beat the disease with iodine treatment, which helped kill cancer cells from her body. For now, she should continue to take care of herself with a treatment to control her hypothyroidism and take pills daily in the morning.

After overcoming cancer, the actress has had an outstanding career and does not leave behind her well-known charisma. Last Saturday, July 10, the star celebrated his 49th birthday and the celebration he shared on social networks brought a lot of blessing to his followers, all of them. Because she decided to create a very Colombian event, she was initially seen speaking English with a noticeable accent, as shown in the series she starred in, Modern Family and later, to the rhythm of salsa, appearing dressed as a marimonda.

In addition, some publications have seen her mother Margarita Vergara, her son Manolo Gonzalez and her husband Joe Manganiello celebrate in the same way and sing for her life. The party on the beach was attended by many guests who were dressed in tropical and very colorful costumes, one of them her husband who for the occasion wore flowers and animal patterns.

At the party there was music by Carlos Vives, Joe Arroyo and Mr. Black, one of them “hand saw”, Who danced with some of the guests at the party.

Today, the model, actress, and businessman is making the greatest fortunes for Latinos in Hollywood, as well as holding a special place in the hearts of all her fans because of her comedic personality and cool personality. Sophia overcame difficult events like He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28 and one of his brothers was killed.

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