Sony removes Cyberbank 2077 from PlayStation Store

Sony removes Cyberbank 2077 from PlayStation Store

When Cyberpunk 2077 A mess, especially on consoles, I did not expect Sony to remove the game straight from their download store. Although everyone who buys it can still play it, Sony has excluded the PlayStation Store from cyberbanking since it introduced an open cashback policy. Others may still buy the game in vintage technology called ‘a disk’. But while the situation is certainly triggered by the state of the game, it seems that this particular move will eventually lead to a refund.

CD Project Red initially sent PlayStation Store buyers to Sony and the regular cashback system, but many refused their request, so CDPR soon said Er, hang, wait a minute, we’ll get back to you about this. Turns out, Sony’s Bespoke Cyberbank blanket refund solution also involves pulling the game entirely from sales in their store. Show this is happening with such a superior game.

“SIE strives to ensure greater customer satisfaction, so we will start offering a full refund to all gamers who purchase the Cyberbank 2077 through the PlayStation Store,” says Cyberbank returns money. “SIE will remove Cyberbank 2077 from the PlayStation Store until further notice.”

Why is this on the PC gaming site? It speaks to how far CDPR’s gambling has lagged in releasing the game in this state. And dude, Sony pulled the biggest game of the year out of their store. You will hear about this anyway. And, um, geez, if you insist more, it means that cyberbunk has increased in size to be a PC game now, because it’s a little less on PlayStations, yes? CP2077 is now 16% higher than PC game: Your title is.

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I agree with our Graham Cyberpunk 2077 Review, Which said it was “huge, wide, complex and deeply flawed” – similar to the eurozone. It really is. Despite all the bugs and junk (and, in all honesty, sometimes thanks to them), I enjoy a good time: it’s the Eurozong spirit, baby.

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