South Korea: Prime Minister and several presidential advisers resign after defeat in parliamentary elections

South Korea: Prime Minister and several presidential advisers resign after defeat in parliamentary elections
South Korea's prime minister and several presidential advisers resigned after losing parliamentary elections. (Hwang Gang-mo/AP)

Prime Minister of South Korea They have Goose-soo And several presidential officials offered to resign en masse this Thursday People's Power Party (PPP)suffered a dismal failure in Parliamentary Elections.

This Wednesday's election results are a severe blow to the President Yoon Suk YeolThey could delay his national agenda and face a serious political attack by his liberal opponents during his remaining three years.

Both Han Tak-soo and Yoon's top advisers, except for those in charge of security issues, submitted their resignations, according to the presidential office, which did not immediately clarify whether the president had accepted their resignations.

In South Korea, Executive power is largely concentrated in the President, but the Prime Minister is the second-in-command and takes charge of the country if the President is unable to perform his duties.

Yoon said”They will humbly accept” Public opinion is reflected in election results and will focus on improving people's economic conditions and reforming state affairs, his office said.

Yun said he would “humbly accept” the public opinion reflected in the election results and would focus on improving people's economic status. (EFE/KIM MIN-HEE)

In a separate press conference, the leader of the People's Power Party, Han Dong-hoonHe said that he would accept the responsibility and resign Election failure.

With the majority of votes counted, the main opposition party, the Democratic Party (PD)And its satellite party seems to have been a total success 175 out of 300 seats in the National Assembly. Another small liberal opposition party is expected to win 12 seats under the proportional representation system, according to South Korean press counts.

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Popular Power Party and its satellite party would have won 109 seatsAccording to predictions.

The final official results are expected to be released this Thursday.

Voters have punished the ruling party by throwing their support behind the PD and other parties that have denounced Yun's administration as “incompetent” and disconnected from the economic problems many South Koreans face daily.

The election results are a severe blow to President Yoon Suk Yeol, who could set back his national agenda and face a serious political attack from his liberal opponents during his remaining three years in office. (EFE/YONHAP)

However, despite the clear victory of the PD and its allies, the parliamentary majority remains short of the two-thirds majority that would allow the opposition to override presidential vetoes — which Yoon used nine times in two years — and approve a presumption. The removal of the head of state It will then go to the Constitutional Court for deliberation.

However, the ruling PPP is much weaker in the House than the first division of Yoon's government, and thus he does not control the House as the first president of a South Korean democracy. National Assembly At no time during his term, it will not allow him to stand for re-election.

In power, Yoon applied the principle of assertiveness Korea of NorthIt is strengthening its alliance with the United States and drawing closer to former colonial power Japan Korea of South Still maintains historical contradictions.

But he has been an unpopular president from the start, with approval ratings often down of 30%

Lee Jae-myung, leader of South Korea's main opposition Democratic Party. (AP)

Andrew Yeo, political scientist, attributes its unpopularity to “a lack of real progress on domestic political and economic issues”. Catholic University of America.

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The president was also affected by the release of a secret camera video showing his wife. Kim Kyon Hee, accepting a purse of $2,200. Yoon argued that it would be awkward for her to refuse the gift.

(With information from EFE, The Associated Press and AFP)

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