South Korean military sources said that North Korea launched a military reconnaissance satellite

South Korean military sources said that North Korea launched a military reconnaissance satellite

(CNN) — South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff announced on Tuesday that North Korea launched what it says is a military reconnaissance satellite towards the South.

The Japanese Coast Guard Agency said on Tuesday that North Korea had notified Japan of its intention to launch a missile carrying a satellite towards the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea between midnight on Tuesday and midnight on December 1, Japanese local time.

This launch will be Pyongyang’s third attempt to put a satellite into orbit after two failed operations in May and August.

On Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida responded to the launch plan by saying that his government “will strongly request cancellation” and will work with countries such as the United States and South Korea “to prevent North Korea from carrying out the launch,” he said. In a statement posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

South Korean intelligence says North Korea received Russian support for its satellite

North Korea has exported more than 1 million shells to Russia since early August, South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency (NIS) reported.

The National Intelligence Service also warned that North Korea was in the final stages of preparing to launch a satellite, and was conducting inspections of the engine and launch device in early November.

“North Korea appears to have received technical guidance from Russia, which increases the chances of a successful launch. However, it still faces challenges in terms of technology and financing. Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) re-entry technologies and multiple warheads have not yet been developed.” “It has been secured,” said Yoo Sang-beom, a member of South Korea’s ruling party and parliamentary intelligence committee, citing the National Intelligence Agency.

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