Spanish newspapers describe Mexico’s introduction as “hopeful.”

Spanish newspapers describe Mexico’s introduction as “hopeful.”

Spanish media and Zelda fans describe Mexico as the best in the fight against Levante

Spanish newspapers described the introduction Orbelin Pineta With Zelda de Vigo. Despite being questioned at a press conference by Mexican footballer Eduardo Coutinho, ‘Makido’ made a good impression in the 27 minutes he played against Levante.

The Galician voice He stressed that Pineta was close to scoring the winning goal for the Sky-Blue team, but he also highlighted the qualities he displayed in his introduction, although he felt he needed to better understand the structure of the ‘Sacho’ goutet.

Arbel’s first scene should be considered promising. Zelda thinks they have signed a player to give them great pleasure for the next five years, but they have yet to complete the adaptation. From the beginning, you can already see the month and a half he was in Vaiko.

In the said media, there is a section to qualify the players who will take part against Levante. In that area, With an average rating of 5.35 by users, Pineta is the sixth best.

The Uncheck This is another page that illustrates how close the Mexican who made his debut with Zelda de Vigo came to his debut as a scorer. However, they also highlighted records left by Orbel.

“Success was in his shoes: quality touches on Arbelin Pineta’s debut with Zelda”The title of the note, but in the body of the text, reads, “By the time he arrived, he was not in good physical condition and had not played his immediate call-up with his national team. Left good feelings.

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Vaiko’s lighthouseAs headed to the Mexican supply note “Leaving Orbel’s good feelings and some brilliance”; The rest of the information, focused on how close he came to score, shows that Pineda never stopped the effort despite the missed passes or the clear action he had at the end of the match.

“If there’s anything to blame on Orbell, it’s his impudence.

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