Spoelstra and Adebayo get down to the mud against the Knicks and Miami will be in another Conference Final

Spoelstra and Adebayo get down to the mud against the Knicks and Miami will be in another Conference Final

Andcompetitive level Miami Heat It was so loud through everything we were on qualifiers. Which was not easy at all, due to the injuries they sustained. The thing that, far from drowning them out, made them grow bigger. Erik Spoelstra’s men beat the New York Knicks (96-92) in a game that took them to the mud again and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals.. Those Florida natives made the most of the bench, a factor the New Yorkers didn’t take much advantage of. And defense, of course. The focus on assists and rotations weaves a spider web that very few teams can traverse.

Jimmy Butler celebrates victory

Bam Adebayo, the character. It’s the perfect piece for the contemporary game for young players with an outside shot and great use of the ball.. There are many aspects of the game where Adebayo is helping and might improve on that at the moment the confusion is general when finding a pivot He doesn’t hit three hat-tricks, but he’s effective in everything else. Above all, he needs the ball very little time in his hands and spends very little dribbling. Basic. High ratios and shooting range in the near and middle zone.

As for New York, fully grateful for the role the organization has taken on, to return to the NBA map with a credible draft, a (real) franchise player and a young rotation now, yes, he manages. Turn off Leon Rose. be brave.

General match statistics

Bam Adebayo, with 23 points (9-20 at TC) and nine rebounds was the best in Miami. In both attack and defence. Jimmy ButlerSuffering from an injured ankle, he scored 24 points (7-22 at TC), eight rebounds and four assists. Kyle Lowry He was again important, with 11 points (4-6 at TC) and nine assists. in New York, Galen Bronson He was again the beacon of his team: 41 points (14-22 in TC, 5-10 in T3). Julius Randel And RJ Barrett They combined for a dismal 4-24 shooting from the field.

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Bam Adebayo scores a rebound.

Intensity, intensity and more intensity

Nix jumped into the fray with might and main. The stars seem to align for Game 7. The Heat didn’t flow on offense (between Butler and Adebayo, 4-13 in TC), Randle made those impossible shots, RJ Barrett went to the free throw line (8-8 in TL) and Jalen Bronson is born out of his outstanding ability in 1 on 1…a great entry level to those of Thibodeau. The backlash in the building won’t be long in coming, with Kyle Lowry at the helm. 7-0 run in favor of the Heat to end the quarter. Too much intensity.

Miami planted a 2-3 zone and on offense they began to generate advantages from physical superiority in Bam Adebayo’s blocks. Part 13-5 in the second quarter without Bronson on track. Those who Spoilstra They took advantage of the space the Knicks had left in the paint due to their continuous long passes (10-26 points in favor of the Heat).. The defensive level was very high and the small adjustments (from the bench) seemed crucial.

Adebayo v. Hartenstein.

Jalen Brunson, with 22 points (8-11 in TC, 4-7 in T3) and Bam Adebayo, with 17 points (7-12 in TC)Top scorer in the first half. Miami, ahead on the scoreboard, scored a very poor 2-12 from Perimeter.

Amazing fight in the paint

Both teams allowed very few chances-The boards control very well. nail number Gabe Vincent is pressing Bronson full speed. And it is that Spoelstra’s approach in Part Two focused on just that: disconnect and isolate the “Watchman” from New York (temporary effect). The Knicks and Heat are trying to control the pace of the match. Miami lowers the game to the mud and New York revitalizes and speeds up its business. Hostile styles, but both have superior defenses that take priority over attacks.

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Caleb Martin defends Jalen Bronson.

All of the New Yorkers’ possessions ended in 1-for-1 from Bronson. The NJ native kept adding (of the TL line) and the game was in the grip. However, a big spin from Miami that ended with a shot from Martin’s edge resulted in the maximum margin in favor of Miami: +6. The locals defense is closed for the sole reason that the game/series/NY is still around: Galen Bronson. Two minutes ago breathed life.

Jimmy Butler’s constant “traps” made the job easier for Miami. An unsportsmanlike game eventually tightened up, however Great defense from the Heat (Bronson’s own loss) ruled the game (96-92) and the series (4-2).. Tribute to the New York Knicks. Honor Miami Heat. A draw worthy of basketball from the ’90s. to most purists. for nostalgia. Prevailing defense against attacks.

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