Start Day 4 2022 Halftime

Start Day 4 2022 Halftime

A player sent off and with many brilliant tackles, but finally University Club Cougars managed to come out with a point Hidalgo Stadiumwhere is he Pachuca Pushed to the limit to win, but couldn’t beat the university students, who did everything they could propose in the runner-up field. All ended 0-0.

The Tusos from Pachuca They couldn’t prove the game the coach wanted William Almada, Because they faced some time and time again Cougars who defended themselves with all possible claws.

also, Pachuca Scored a goal that seemed to give him a deserved lead in the game, but it was disallowed: Nico Ibanez was the teacher, after heading in a cross from the left, but VAR It turned out that the play did not take place.

By the Cougars Edward Salvio Y Gustavo del Brete Didn’t make a difference Toto Salvio He attempted a few long-range shots, one of which was deflected Oscar Ustari. It’s the youth Ruvalkaba Heavily weighted to support university students, with plays for speed, but without providing a good center.

Cougars He took advantage of his defense skills, fighting repeatedly to avoid danger Paul Penneventois going Nicholas FrereHe made one of the game’s saving sweeps on 65 minutes, avoiding the central goal.

To make matters worse, around minute 84′ Adrian Aldred He was ejected for aggravated assault on the youth Jesus Hernandez; Referee Brian Gonzalez He cautioned him, but VAR showed a strong entrance from the Mexican and he had to go to the rain.

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It wasn’t the only ejection in the game, as in extra time, at 95 minutes, the center referee was also ejected Luis ChavezIn a strong kick, sweep over Ruvalcaba Achilles heel Footballer’s.

Cougars He added his third equalizer Opening match 2022His records include six points; Pachuca In the eighth, a chance to take the lead was lost.

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