“Suffering, playing in a team of mercenaries”

“Suffering, playing in a team of mercenaries”


The French press referred to certain positions of Leo Messi at Paris Saint-Germain. For the local media, the striker is still not adapting and struggling with his new life in Paris. And as if that weren’t enough, there are images feeding into this version.

The “Pombazo” that Barcelona wanted to close and Messi frustrated him

The Paris Saint-Germain First hit in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Real Madrid And the repercussions of his goal celebration Mbappein the last few minutes they keep popping up because every time new images pop up.

While the team at the head of the French embraced him for the late goal, a Messi Far away in celebration, we look nowhere and we can even say uneasy. Something we never saw him do as a Barcelona player.

In France they confirmed that the player is still struggling to adapt to Paris Saint-Germain These images fill his future at the club with uncertainty.

“Messi is suffering in Paris Saint-Germain, it is a team of mercenaries. They do not play beautiful or amazing football or as a team, they win because one day Neymar appears and another day Messi and Mbappe and decide the ballot, but as a team they are not identified.” Carles RexachThe man who traveled from Barcelona to Rosario to see Leo And make him sign for the Blaugrana team.

The madness that Brazilian Dani Alves did to Messi’s return

He went to a team formed based on the checkbooks they play for themselves. Instead, Barcelona played for Messi. Messi here (at Barcelona) was a sugar cookie and that makes it very difficult for him to find a team that has this relationship: the club and the player. “The time he spent in Barcelona will not be repeated,” the Catalan scout said on Radio Super Deportivo.

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About a possible return to Argentina, Rexach She was strong. Messi is obligated to return to Barcelona as he pleases. I wish him to stay and live in Barcelona. His footballing life should end here.”

In conclusion, he said, “The fact of Messi’s departure is not yet known and will certainly be known over time. I wish I had retired from Barcelona because he was born here.'”

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