Sumisa won the U-20 Supplementary Championship

Sumisa won the U-20 Supplementary Championship
Young Somesiros won an exciting final against Belgrano. Daniel Dorado / North.

It was the last domestic championship to be dissolved in 2021. In the remaining classes, there were regatta titles in Sub-13 and Sub-19, Somisa in Sub-17 and for Defenders in Sub-15, with Garnet achieving its first championship in its formative history.

At the same time, before the first local was dissolved by a new invasion of Sumesa, the sixth in the past four years. The competition that did not come to an end was an additional first-class, because the Final Four dispute was postponed for the second half of February with the participation of Belgrano, Sacachispas, Defense and La Emilia.

Next Monday, from 7:00 p.m., ABSN will hold an awards ceremony at its Cali Alvear 634 headquarters.

Sumisa 76
Belgrano 70

Stadium: Founding Partners
the reviewer: Petroni – Barbish – Perez.
partial: 24-13, 15-20, 20-20, 17-17.

Sumisa (76): Calderon 24; M. Rodríguez 14; Valentini 14, Blanco 10, Fiorio 6 (x) (phi); Vitangeli 8. DT: J. Páez.
Belgrano (70): Vercelli 16, Alimena 14, Sirignano 2, Barile 0, Calcaterra 25 (fi); Manetta 2, Starczewski 0, Mazzoni 0, Prediger 11. DT: A. Amarillo.

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