Summary Bills vs. Heads (42-36) | The Kansas Conference advanced to the finals

Summary Bills vs. Heads (42-36) |  The Kansas Conference advanced to the finals

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas /

A Fit That can already be considered One of the best in history, தி Kansas City Leaders advanced For the fourth season in a row NFL American Conference Final After prevailing Overtime 42-36 for buffalo bills, Who fell by the wayside for the second year in a row by a team led by Andy Reid.

Following the course of the three most intimate games Rhonda Division, With Bangladesh, 49ers and Rams Winning by last-second field goal, the match that closed the weekend activity in the National Football League Classic between two quarterbacks who are very talented The new generation and that pledge will face each other many more times Post-season.

Patrick Mahomes with leaders and Josh Allen with bills At the time they showed that the likes of Tom Brady and Beaten Manning could play quietly in the NFL’s new big match.

As many lists “Early End” American Conference (if not more conferences, Super Bowl), show elite. The ground attack practice was set aside to lead to an aerial circus Dyrek Hill, Travis Gells, Gabriel Davis and Stephen Dix They were allies of the respective marshals.

Allen and Mahomes both threw over 300 yards and each hit four touchdowns., Three lead exchanges after two minutes, with Harrison Butker scoring a field goal to level the clock at zero … then, A toss practically closed the rule. The Leaders They won it to select the first overtime possession Mahomes led the attack for 75 yards, culminating in Kells’ score..

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Records were set on the Chiefs vs. Bills

  • Game with the most points (25) In the last two minutes of regular time NFL post-season history.
  • Second game with Most points (25) In the last two minutes of regular time nfl History28 with the second after the 2013 Vikings vs. Ravens.
  • Gabriel Davis He was the first recipient in history Four Touch Down receptions In a playoff game.
  • Kansas City Leaders They are the first team in history Hosts From The conference concluded for four consecutive years. On Sunday they will host Cincinnati.

When are the finals of the NFL Conference?

Cincinnati Bengal vs Kansas City Chiefs

  • American League Conference Finals
  • Date: Sunday, February 6th
  • Hrs: Starts at 2:00 pm from central Mexico
  • Site: Arrowhead Stadium de Kansas

San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles Rams

  • Finals of the National League Conference
  • Date: Sunday, February 6th
  • Hrs: Starts at 5:30 pm from central Mexico
  • Site: Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles

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