Summary FC Juarez vs Roosters (4-0).

Summary FC Juarez vs Roosters (4-0).

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Cockroaches of Queretaro He did his final homework, however he could not play Rebase because he did not have the least points Clausura won the 2022 match 4-0 against FC Juarez And is very close to avoiding penalties for stock issue.

Is in it Coregidora StadiumWithout public Liga MX PermissionQueretaro’s team defeated the worst Liga MX club and finished at least 15th in the Quotient Table, Waiting to see if Toluga avoids the penalty.

Kellogg’s afternoon started off very comfortably with a goal Jose Angle, Who took advantage of the recovery from the goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez To beat 1-0. Then it came Leonardo Sequeira’s double, Including a good first scope goal in the area.

FC Juarez Lost Maximilian Silvera He was kicked out for letting Braves down a man. The Queretaro team took advantage of this and Sequeira defined a serve to make it 2-0 Paul Barrier.

Finally a penalty was scored well Ariel Nahuelban For the final 4-0, it gave joy to one of the most affected clubs in the competition, especially after the incident of his club in the fight against Atlas on the 9th.

On the other hand, Bravos was a disaster on the ground. They made a lot of mistakes on the mark, the only obvious action they wasted to overcome it. Missed penalty it Tario Lescano When charging at mid-height on a well-known shot in front of a goalkeeper Washington Acure.

The brave must pay the fine before that MX League, Well, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth 120 million pesos.

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