Summary of the Cruz Azul (0-1) match against Tigress. League 2022

Summary of the Cruz Azul (0-1) match against Tigress.  League 2022

Although a Javier Aquino is portrayed as a villain, with a bug Cruz gave the goal to Azul And drove out Tigress with 10 men, University students are in the semifinals They will face Atlas after a 1-0 loss to Cruz Azul, but received a pass by pass. Total 1-1The people at Piojo were excellent at the table because they were vice presidents.

It’s a meeting The machine dominated the match During the first part and even if expelled Cats by Javier Aquino seemed to leave a dentMiguel Herrera’s team improved because it was better with 10 runs on the field in that second half.

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In the beginning, it was only the audience who went to the front in search of the bass that realized it They had to win by two goals to advanceJes டுs Dunas won the Ida Tigress 1-0.

And for the benefit of the residents of the capital, the first target came very soon. In the 18th minute, The cement workers overcame overall and won the Volda 1-0 Thanks to Aquino’s error for stealing the ball on the right wing, but when he tried to clear it with pressure, the ball collided with Santiago Kimenes’s and he lost the ball, while Hugo Ayala and Christian Tabo failed to block the ball. Open the score

At 30 ‘, Andre-Pierre tried to surprise with a giggled bumped touch from the edges, but the ball went over; However, Juan Pablo Vigone’s 33 ‘shot came with the greatest danger, But Sebastian Jurato saved his team.

When the outings came, with the game locked, everything was going on with nothing else to highlight; First minute 45 + 1 ‘, DT Juan Rhino was expelled Louis Quinones took the first half seconds as he did not want to give the ball for a hand kick.

After a while, Aquino got red For a kick on Angel RomeroThe play was seen on VAR and there is no doubt that the cat warrior deserves the red, which left Ariasuls with a disadvantage.

The Tigers improved, but they were saved by two posts, a miracle!

Already in the filling area, Tigress made progress, Vikon was out and Igor Lichnovsky entered to hold the ball with the cats, but in the 48th minute, the second of the arrival almost fell. Giménez shot and Nahuel were able to divert the pathCarrying the ball Hit the second post And wander back to him in a miraculous way.

In the 60th minute, Tigress began to tremble because of a shot attempt, Andre-Pierre Gignog hit a defender, But took only yellow; Dunas, on the other hand, almost did it again, he shot down to Jurato’s right side, but the goalkeeper was able to deflect, and his mission was a factor in keeping his team alive.

However, despite the dominance of the cats, Cruz Azulin almost scored another goal, handing the ball to the opponent after an error by Hugo Ayala at 76 ‘. Evan Morales took a cross shot from the left, which hit the post again And in a miraculous way it came back again, but this time it fell back to the Cruz Azul player who headed it over.

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The result stopped the heart Nahuel became a hero at the time of compensationWith Clausura weighing in in support of the volcano that will hold the Vulta against Atlas in the semifinals of the 2022 next weekend, everything will stop and of course, the fans are doing their best.

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