Summary of the friendly match Chivas vs Lyon (4-1). Objectives “

Summary of the friendly match Chivas vs Lyon (4-1).  Objectives “

It was in a friendly match, but chivas Find what’s missing In Apertura 2021 by beating Lyon 4-1 In San Jose, California, there definitely came The best face in Guadalajara during a training period Marcelo Michel Leno, oddly enough in the land in which he is currently directing the coach who gave them the last title: Matías de Jesus Almeida.

This preparation for the closed door duel for Violent events near the home of the San Jose earthquake, has served the sacred flock more than He found purpose, victory, and confidence In the fifth duel with Michelle Leno on the bench in it Jesus Angolo was the best man In PayPal Park Court.

Perhaps it is not worth it in terms of points, but in spirit, Chivas came from a draw with America and Fez, from a loss with Queretaro and Atlas, but in the end they got rid of this burden.

she was 391 minutes without a goal for Guadalajara, Angel Zaldivar first verb For Chivas, who had chances before.

Cesar Huerta had two. First in the 16th minute, he made a shot saved by Ivan Vazquez Melado, then in the 26th minute he put another ball on the post and in the second play, Jesus Ricardo Angolo could not score.

It was until 31′ when cello He opened the scoring and made it 1-0 through the defense inside the area, behind a wall with Canelo Angolo, who in the same play called for a penalty kick.

Canelo made it 2-0 at 41′. Sinaluan took the ball from the center of the field, took it and left Vasquez MeladoHe took it off and knew it in a wonderful way.

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The lion approached the beginning of the second half in the 47th minute, Jane Barreiro Make it 2-1 with a head.

The taste did not last for 50 minutes, Carlos Cisneros made the score 3-1 When executing a free kick, Luis Montes clears the ball and it falls into La Vieira’s goal. People continued from Guadalajara in the 56th minute, Huerta hit the ball and saved the ball.

In the 72nd minute, Angolo stayed close to the fourth goal and the second in his personal account with a good shot that was saved by Vazquez Melado. Eduardo Torres put specific numbers At 87′ he headed into the heart of Ronaldo Cisneros.

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