Summary of the match between Barcelona and Juventus (3-0). Objectives

Summary of the match between Barcelona and Juventus (3-0).  Objectives

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There was no reunion between them Messi NS Cristiano. And there was no other trophy raised by the Blaugrana captain, let alone a target brush stroke. no this time Barcelona He played, for the first time in the last decade, without his star: Lionel Messi.

beginning of It was after Messi The stadium pitch is marked Johan Cruyff with the Joanne Jumper Cup ante la Juventus. A match that marks the beginning of the season for the two teams in their respective countries.

This is how the game started with clap for the absent. Hobby give up In view of Messi which was invoked in court. With only three minutes left on the clock, Debye, who arrived as an attack booster, first appeared after selecting a pass from Youssef Demir.

Yes good Messi was not On the field after his dismissal from the club, there was another absent Cristiano RonaldoAlbeit for completely different reasons. It was at the 14th minute when he wanted to remind the audience that he was there too the shape, but he had no wealth.

For 20 minutes, a goal of iron Canceled because it is misplaced Griezmann At a reception in the past Debye. The final minutes were intense for both teams with the hunt for the goal, but neither of them got the job done.

Already in the second half, Martin Braithwaite He managed to make it 2-0 thanks to Before On a corner kick he knew how to take advantage of the fact that he didn’t have a mark to reach and locate it in front of goal.

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The changes came from the two seats to make room for all its elements and thus come on NS Massimiliano Allegri They can see the tools they will have in the new season.

In the last stage of the game, Rick Puig Appeared after entering the change in compensation time. Puig scored the third goal and thus completed the match that started a new life for Coolie fans.

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