Summary of the Morocco match against Spain (0-0). Objectives

Summary of the Morocco match against Spain (0-0).  Objectives

The A penalty that Luis Enrique asked to its players as a condition before focusing on the 2022 World Cup They didn’t work Tonight at the Education City Stadium, where it appeared this Tuesday Spain national team He said Farewell To Qatar 2022 after Drops in a penalty shootout In view of Moroccowhich has already become the biggest surprise of the tournament.

Ashraf Hakimia player born in Madrid, but he defends the colors of the Moroccan national team, he was responsible for it for coronation series of Penalties who starred in Archer SevilleYassen BonoWorld Health Organization I stopped The three shots What did Paul do to him? SarabiaCarlos get used And Captain Sergio Busquets.

The African team’s defense was about perfection. Just one play on a first down error caused Greater Danger to arrive Spanish peoplewhich he had control affiliate a ballbut They are not born any danger. The most talented men lacked the creativity and intelligence to overcome Morocco’s implanted defence.

Driven by her fans, who tonight were the majority in the stands of Education City, V.I The first 45 minutes Morocco national team it was better The clearest move was to open the scoring with Nayef Ajurd’s head. And the center of the defense hit a single cross pass from Sofiane Boufal in front of the penalty area, with good force, but in the wrong direction. The ball went past Unai Simon’s goal.

In the Supplementary part The game has become difficult, with many interruptions, Many defectsAnd prompts and a very small game idea. The Spaniards were faithful to their idea and retained control of the ball, but they were always well guarded by the African defense, which left little to do for the attack committed by the team led by Luis Enrique.

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The best moments From Spain they lived in First additional workAnd when they gave their best and seemed able to open the opponent’s defense line, Morocco’s fall caused the Spanish bench to shiver.

Izz al-Din I am her Three opponents took from him in three quarters of the field. Already on the edge of the big area play for Waleed ShadiraWorld Health Organization Just in front of the frame Take a loose shot, without much placement, which can Treat Archer Unai Simon He extends his right leg. In the 103rd minute, the Basque goalkeeper saved his goal from a possible elimination in extra time.

and the Removal whether Cement But it had to be in the chain Penaltieswhere is he A goal keeper From Seville from La Liga Spainimpeccable, I stopped The Three shots Which they did to him, and they closed the push of the Madrid-born player, Ashraf Hakimi, with a slow shot, into the heart of the goal of Unai Simon, who was classified by the Moroccans to Quarter-finals in Qatar 2022.

This was a penalty shootout

  • Morocco record – Abdelhamid Al-Sabiri
  • Spain failed Pablo Sarabia
  • Record Moroccan Hakim Ziyech
  • Spain failed Carlos Soler
  • Morocco Badr Bennoun failed
  • Spain’s failure – Sergio Busquets
  • Morocco – Achraf Hakimi

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