Synergy between CABB and AdC: Merging two main domains

Synergy between CABB and AdC: Merging two main domains

Sergio Guerrero will be the new Director of Specialties for both Entities, and Julian Muso, of Press-Diffusion. Testimonials of champions and goals for this driving decision.

Argentine Basketball goes one step further in its unity and standardization of work. The Argentine Football Association and the Club Association reported the synergy between two areas that they consider essential to the present and future of the two entities: competitions and the publication of the press. The first division will be managed by Sergio Guerrero, who used to hold this central role in AdC and will now also be responsible for CABB. The second will be Communications Director Julián Mozo, who has been performing this function since August at CABB and a few days ago was the Area Coordinator for the two entities. Both professionals are already in the office.

“These appointments mark a new era in Argentine basketball. Two professionals who have demonstrated their abilities in each organization, Julian at CABB and Sergio at ADC, meet in this way in a common area, an Argentine basketball coordinating table. One basketball, unified basketball and the same direction.” There is no doubt that we are more together. These are times for synergy and optimization of the resources of both organizations. ”Said Fabian Boro, president of the Central Bank of Brazil.

“This synergy between institutions is what we need to take another step on the same path that we decided to take. They are two independent entities but at the same time, they must work together to promote Argentine basketball and this new association goes in that direction. To have the same course of action. We are. We consider Guerrero, who has been performing well at AdC, and Mozo, who has been prominent in CABB since his inauguration, are the perfect professionals to get the job done. “ Expressed Gerardo Montenegro, Chairman of the ACC.

This decision is nothing more than the product of this strategic alliance between the entities. The two institutions’ agreement to share the best professionals in both fields is a new example. Besides approaching the same mathematical policy, I believe we are achieving a coupling of alignment of decisions and better utilization of resources. I am very happy to continue meeting the objectives set at the beginning of this department. “ Sergio Gatti, Secretary General of the Central Bank of Brazil (CABB) said.

“It is an interesting challenge to work on this new idea that leadership must be able to shape sport and development and grassroots policies between institutions that compete in the professional sphere and those that do so in the federation. This will allow, besides the synergy of institutions, the competitions are not seen. The aim will be to redefine the roles of each competition, to develop related policies and to organize from the organizational and administrative aspects in a similar manner, while adapting them only to each of them. The level, always with an integrated and homogeneous vision of the same level, Guerrero explained.

“Being able to direct both areas of journalism or, in fact, unite them into one, within a structure, is a huge challenge. The goal would be to have a clear deployment strategy to nurture fans who are already following basketball, and at the same time, try to seduce those who are They love our sport, but they consume little and nothing.Basketball is one and we will give entity and spread to everything, as we have done since the opening at CABB. We will join efforts between organizations in order to strengthen global communication, starting with our most famous ambassadors, while keeping the focus on the growing place they are Women need it, 3×3, basketball, clubs and federations all over the country, and of course training, among other fields. We will continue to be close to journalism from all over the country, and meet their needs, and we will aim for distinctive content, identifying stories and analyzing, without neglecting educational “, Advance of Mozo, who will be loaned by journalist Matthias Baldo.

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