“Talks between DR and Haitian officials to continue this Thursday” | Daily list

“Talks between DR and Haitian officials to continue this Thursday” |  Daily list

Dominican government spokesman Homero Figueroa told Listin Diario that talks between the authorities of the Dominican Republic and Haiti will continue this Thursday to address the situation caused by the construction of the canal.

While the time for the parties to meet again has not been confirmed yet, it has been reported that the meeting will take place again at the Ministry of External Affairs.

The president’s spokesman did not elaborate on the details of Wednesday’s meeting.

In the palace precincts, after 8:00 PM, all gates are closed and some vehicles are parked.

The Dominican Republic held this Wednesday with five Haitian officials and did not disclose details of the meeting, which was led by Ruben Arturo Chile Valdez, Vice Minister of Multilateral Foreign Policy at the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s office announced the information about the bilateral meeting.

This was carried out through the Bilateral Joint Commission’s Bilateral Water Table, “to find a fair and concrete solution to the problem of equitable use of the shared water resources of the Mazagri River.”

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the Haitian people that the Haitian and Dominican Governments, by mutual agreement, have decided to meet in Santo Domingo on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, through the Bilateral Water Table of the Bilateral Joint Commission. According to the provisions of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Arbitration of February 20, 1929, the shared waters of the Massagri River “It should be directed to find a just and concrete solution to the issue of equitable use of water resources,” the statement said.

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President Luis Abinader Dajabón announced a series of measures along the border, including a blanket suspension of entry for all involved in the conflict and a freeze on visas for Haitian citizens.

Maintain full closure of the border through Dajabón and completely close the border to land, sea and air trade if the conflict is not resolved by Thursday.

Reactivate the injection of the Dajabón River at the beginning of the La Vieja Canal, as a short-term measure to guarantee water supply to Dominican producers, and start the construction process of the Don Miguel Dam project as a concrete long-term solution. Period.

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