‘Technical error’ that caused panic in Chile: false alarm from tsunami triggered large-scale evacuations in the country | News from El Salvador

‘Technical error’ that caused panic in Chile: false alarm from tsunami triggered large-scale evacuations in the country |  News from El Salvador

In the wake of the earthquake that struck Antarctica Saturday night, the Chilean National Emergency Office (Onemi) issued a “mistake” a nationwide tsunami warning.

On Sunday, the Chilean government announced that it is investigating the reasons for sending a false tsunami warning to The whole country That caused evacuations after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Antarctica and the 5.8 earthquake that struck the center of that country Saturday night.

After a strong earthquake that shook Antarctica at 8:36 PM (11:36 PM GMT), Chile’s National Emergency Office (Onemi) issued a tsunami warning that Sent messages National text to evacuate the beaches of the Chilean coast.

However, confusion among the public increased as an earthquake was recorded after receiving the message in Varelones near the capital.

Minutes later, Chilean authorities made it clear that it was a mistake because the evacuation was only for the coast of Antarctica.

But the warning was sent to a large part of the country’s 18 million people, prompting evacuations along the country’s coasts, as people left in panic on foot and in vehicles, fearing the arrival of the tsunami. In social networks, a series of criticisms were launched in the face of the panic that had broken out.

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Videos circulating on the web show the moment of chaos that erupted in some cities, including Cartagena, La Serena, Lucca and Talcahuano, the latter of which was hit hard by the last earthquake on February 27, 2010, according to the Living Biological Portal.

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“We are sorry that people had to evacuate early.”Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado said at a news conference on Sunday.

Delgado ruled out that this was human error, pointing to a technical error by the external company responsible for sending the information to Chilean phone companies to issue the alarm.

“We will hold those responsible for this failure.”, claimed.

The failure brought back another similar episode. On February 27, 2010, there was no warning of a tsunami that swept across the southern coast of Chile after a strong earthquake of 8.8 magnitude left more than 500 people dead and about 220,000 homes.

The Antarctic earthquake affected 160 people who were evacuated from nine bases in Chile and from other nationalities that were not affected.

On the other hand, the earthquake that struck the center of the country was felt in Santiago and four other areas that were not damaged.

Onemi explained that there is no link between the two earthquakes.

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