Tenfield.com »Olympia won the spotlight

Tenfield.com »Olympia won the spotlight

Olympia overcame the light

In a clear measure without flips, Olympia beat Defensor Sporting 87 to 68 in the match at the Pinarole Palace in a new edition of the Uruguay Basketball League.

Agarbado, the captain, before the sign of Pelardo.

Olympia Defense Sporting

Court: Pinarol Palace.
Judges: Andres Lawh, Washington Chamorro, and Pablo Grayeno.

Partials: Olimpia 22:16 Defensor Sporting, Olimpia 49:30 Defensor Sporting, Olimpia 70:58, Defensor Sporting, Olimpia 87:68 Defensor Sporting.

Olympiad: Abel Agarbado 7, Brian Garcia 7, Skyler Hogan 13, Pablo McCanskas 3, Zigimantas Riauca 22 (preliminary training); Juan Viana 8, Tiago Leites 2, Nicolás Catalá 4, Mateo Dogliotti 2, Joaquin Núñez 3, Enzo Delgado 4, Mavin Phillips 12. Technical Director: Gerardo Gauri.

Sporting defender: Gabriel Bellardo 12, Alejandro Acosta 6, Gonzalo Alvarez 4, Christopher Ortiz 19, Josh Boone 10 (initial composition); Fernando Veroni 0, Ignacio Gadnish (without minutes), Sebastian Autunillo 6, Xavier Coste 0, Joaquin Lima (no minutes), Nicolas Pereira 11, Agustín da Costa 0. Technical Director: Alvaro Tito.

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