Tenoc Huerta criticizes his participation in Mexican soap operas

Tenoc Huerta criticizes his participation in Mexican soap operas

Tenoc Huerta He is undoubtedly one of the most important actors of the current Mexican cinema, however, this Saturday, February 26, it sparked controversy due to a tweet he posted about it. Mexican soap operas.

And it is that the producer, who is originally from Mexico City, participated in an interview he gave on the portal Pie de Página. The post is illustrated with a quote from the Mexican: “I do not like soap operas, I feel that they have nothing to offer me in terms of talent, stories and narration, and I have nothing to offer to serials.”

Which Tenoch did not hesitate to share and explain why he was suspended.

“But don’t get me wrong,” Huerta wrote sarcastically, “in one of these things it is done to fit my talent and my actor’s profile or simply make me hungry.”

during the interview, Written by journalist Ever Aceves, He talks about the origin of the actor’s profession, the economic difficulties he faced and the discrimination he experienced.

Tenoch sends a message to Netflix

With a resounding affirmation and without questioning his words, Tenoch Huerta joined a petition for content production companies in Mexico They include in their molds dark-skinned people, All to reflect the reality of our country.

In this way, the 41-year-old actor joined the organization’s request “Power close”.

After Netflix recently promoted the launch of new telenovelas, the digital initiative called for racial, social, and cultural inclusion in TV production.

In this way, Tinnock denounced the fact that Netflix or other similar platforms contain groups of people with white skin rather than dark skin, as it is. With this, express leave these features aside.

“To all the content producers in Mexico. Enough of the whitewashing, of hiding brown skin. We are the majority, but you are ashamed to live in a brown country, but the privileges granted here don’t bother you, do they?”

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