Tension in Bolivia: Luis Fernando Camacho announces law allowing him to remain in office despite being in prison

Tension in Bolivia: Luis Fernando Camacho announces law allowing him to remain in office despite being in prison
Luis Fernando Camacho (AP Photo/Juan Carita/File)

Opposition Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando CamachoA departmental law was issued this Thursday regarding “temporary absence” from the prison in La Paz. Allows you to be in chargeDespite being in detention due to the 2019 political crisis in Bolivia.

The Santa Cruz government’s legal adviser, Efrain Suárez, went to the maximum security prison of Sonzocoro in the mountains of La Paz, where Camacho is being held, to present a regional law approved by the legislature last weekend. That part.

Upon leaving prison, Suarez showed the media Camacho’s signature.Temporary Absence Act” and the Governor “announced it” and is only to send the regulation to the Directorate of Autonomous Development so that it may be published in the Departmental Gazette so that it may come into force.

“The law establishes the mechanisms to determine when the temporary absence from the office of the governor of Santa Cruz is implemented, so the replacement of the government is carried out,” explained Suarez.

He added, “”A Governor is not temporarily absent from detention“, given”A person’s political rights are not suspended“, therefore Camacho can rule from prison It has been since December 28 last.

One of the biggest protests for the release of Camacho (AIZAR RALDES/AFP/File).

For the events of the 2019 crisis, Camacho was accused of crimes of terrorism, serious bribery and seduction of troops, which led to the resignation of the then president. Evo Morales.

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Legislators from the ruling party Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) filed a legal appeal with the Constitutional Court in Santa Cruz last month, prompting Santa Cruz’s lieutenant governor, Mario AguileraTake the position of Camacho, who is prevented from ruling because he is in detention.

Faced with this situation, that court determined that after several suspensions, it was a matter for the departmental legislature to decide whether Camacho was released for “temporary absence” or whether he could continue in office.

The Legislature duly approved the provision over the weekend with 17 votes in favor and 11 against the ruling party.

The ruling party points to a “conspiracy” against Morales in 2019, while the opposition says the protests that led to his resignation were rigged in his favor in the annulled election that year.

(with information from EFE)

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