Tesla is technically laying the groundwork for the upcoming Model Y invasion in China

Tesla is technically laying the groundwork for the upcoming Model Y invasion in China

The Model Y seems to be Tesla’s best-selling vehicle to date, and the focus on the vehicle, even by the company, is excellent. Its expression is subtle and unlike CyberTruck’s bright, fiery, dramatic cyberpunk-themed debut, its first release was done quietly, without the grand handover ceremony of the Model S and Model 3.

Tesla’s handling of the Model Y curve gives the vehicle the appearance of being something, complementing the company’s initial EV lineup, while interfering with its own ownership. If any of the electric car maker’s latest tactics are indicative, it looks like Tesla is preparing the stage for nothing less than a Model Y invasion in China next year.

For example, recently it was reported that Tesla is investing RMB 42 million (approximately 4 6.4 million) into a new facility that will be involved in the production of the company’s fast-charging formal superchargers. The facility is said to be located near Gigafactory Shanghai, and it will be completed next year. Once it is operational, the factory is expected to produce 10,000 superchargers per year, According to the documents submitted about the site.

This is an impressive number of superchargers, a good number of which will be built specifically for China’s domestic auto market. With a strong supercharger network in China, the limited range of EVs will disappear, and all electric crossovers will become the first choice among car buyers who really want long road trips. After all, China is developing a plan to greatly promote new energy vehicles, and there are few better ways to encourage such an initiative than to support long-distance EVs such as the Model Y.

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Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai facility is ready on the Made-in-China Model Y ramp. The The second phase of the factory, All electric shortcuts will be built, completed earlier this year, and mass production of the Model Y is expected to begin early next year. Supported by a fast-growing supercharger network, the Model Y will become one of China’s perfect family vehicles. Giga Shanghai’s Phase 2 facility is expected to produce 250,000 Model Ys next year, making 2021 the year of Tesla in China.

Tesla’s supercharger curve is particularly significant in China, especially considering that the company currently lists more than 20,000 superchargers worldwide. , But in a couple of years.

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