That's how it went for Trump, Biden and Haley

That's how it went for Trump, Biden and Haley

Biden and Trump head into Super Tuesday as they head toward a possible rematch

Presidential front-runners from both parties scored landslide victories on Super Tuesday.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won their primaries in the most representative states of California and Texas in Tuesday's elections.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Credits: Getty Images.

In a surprise victory, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley will win the Vermont, CNN programs, her first state victory. However, he is far behind Trump in the number of delegates.

The last Super Tuesday poll to close at midnight Eastern time was Alaska.

Projected Winners:

Biden: Iowa Democratic mail-in caucuses, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Minnesota, Utah and California Democratic primaries

Trump: Republican primaries in Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Maine, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts and California

Haley: Vermont Republican primary

Jason Palmer: The Democratic nominee will win American Samoa's Democratic presidential primary, CNN projects, handing Biden his only defeat so far this primary season.

Other key races: Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein will face off in the North Carolina gubernatorial race, CNN projects. Senator Ted Cruz is expected to win the Texas Senate Republican primary.

Estimated delegate wins to date: Keep in mind that it takes 1,215 of 2,429 delegates to win the Republican nomination and 1,968 of the 3,934 delegates to win the Democratic nomination.

Republican Party:

Trump: 936
Nikki Haley: 85

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Biden: 1,312
Uncertainty: 2
Haley on her future: One donor said the campaign said Haley would “plan tomorrow and take the next steps.” His campaign said in a statement that it was an “honor” to win Vermont and emphasized that there are voters who want an alternative to Trump.

Biden campaign on loss of American Samoa: The campaign ignored the president's loss of territory, which one official called “dumb news.” Campaign officials said the lowest turnout was expected in American Samoa.

Dean Phillips considers campaign: The Democratic nominee said he will make a decision on his political future in the coming days after the Super Tuesday results. Phillips announced late last month that he was laying off staff after his campaign failed to raise enough funds to run as he had hoped.

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