The amazing items Chivas offers to Urbelín Pineda to convince him to return to Mexico

The amazing items Chivas offers to Urbelín Pineda to convince him to return to Mexico

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Guadalajara is convinced to bring back Maguito, and is willing to part with many contractual details.

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In Chivas, they have the illusion that Orbelín Pineda agrees to wear clothes again in rojiblanco, which was ordered by Guadalajara directive Amauri Vergara and Ricardo Pelaez They have been in constant contact with the footballer and his agent, as well as pGive him a suggestion that no team comes close to matching.

the image is clearCelta de Vigo does not have the Mexican in its planning For the upcoming season of the Spanish League, so they informed the player of this situation so that he could find accommodation in another institution, although They made it clear that they wanted to sell it, not lend it.

Pineda actor Presentation of the midfielder to several teams From the ancient continent, but Those who showed interest suggested a loanso no bid has reached the Spanish group’s offices, so options are still being analyzed.

vote Do you think Chivas was a pressure on Orbelín or a welcome one?

Do you think Chivas was a pressure on Orbelín or a welcome one?

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Faced with such a situation, Chivas’ proposal tempts the maguetoBecause Guadalajara wasn’t just giving him minutes to reach the Qatar 2022 World Cup with rhythmbut also He would have been offered a high salary that, according to consulting sources within the club by Flock Pasión, would be close to the salary stamped by Alexis Vega. In the club’s recent renewal, one of the highest in the club’s history.

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Another suggestion made by the Guadalajara team that Orbelín Pineda liked is that the board understands its delusion to try its luck in European football, so If he agrees to return to chiverío he will have the ability to emigrate againand thatAnd they will put a low paragraph for the ancient continentbut high for Liga Mx.

What is missing Urbelin Pineda to agree to return to Chivas?

Celta de Vigo have given the midfielder the freedom to enter into talks with the club that appears best for him in trying to end his departure, since then The Spanish team will receive about 4 million dollars for the letter of El Maguito Although he arrived as a free player in addition to He will free up a place as a foreigner in the team led by Eduardo Codet.

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