The Argentine League returns with the classic Santa Fe

The Argentine League returns with the classic Santa Fe

Onion and Colon opened the unveiling of the new season in the Argentine Basketball League, with 29 teams distributed in two regions (South and North) and four places. Initial Fencing Preview.

After an 11-month hiatus that plagues the spread of the coronavirus, La Liga Argentina returns with a total of 29 clubs distributed in two regions (15 in the north and 14 in the south), which will play simultaneously in four different venues (Cordoba, Santa Fe, Viedma) -Patagones and Lanus). New is the launch of the platform Basquetpass.tvIt can be followed in all matches on demand.

Today the competition starts with a very special duel, which will be starring Onion and Colon at the Angel Malvicino Stadium, Tatengue, with Deportv televised, from 09:00, then the previous compliment from the tournament organizers.

about union It will be his eighth consecutive season in the category, and remember that he was promoted to TNA for the 2012/13 Federal Championship (that year Barrio Parque rose too). Tate will retain much of its DNA and structure from recent years, with Juanfra Ponce at the helm for another year in a row and a group of young players from the foundation that has been developing from the lower classes. The team developed an extensive pre-season, divided into phases, to get the best possible preparation.

So we are going to find youngsters like Andres Jaime, Jordi Godoy, Matte Borsatti, Julian Salaberry and Niko Renoso, surrounded by players with players strongly identifying with the club such as Sebastian Oranga (Return to Union), in addition to Fran Alloatti. Scorer Arpel Di Pietro, added vital voice from experience such as Maxi Martin, plus Christian Scaramuzzino and Gaston Bertona. Regardless of the fact that he has many youngsters, they have proven themselves up to the mission and with the circumstances of being the great base of the team, plus there are these 2-3 players who will be the mentors and where the group will be. Be supportive. Promises to be the protagonist.

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Colon Meanwhile, he will play his first season in this category. For some Seasons Now, he showed up with the intention of joining, until he finally took the final step of this campaign, taking the first step to add Sebastian Svetliza as manager. From there, he started building that dream turned into reality, realized to form an interesting team that began work in January and had practically no comfort in searching for his debut in the best way.

The Sabalero project promises to be very ambitious. And a priori as he put it together a high performance team, led by a technician with knowledge of a class like Ricardo de Cecco, mixing tremendously experienced players such as captain Diego Garcia, in addition to very good quality from Augustin Carnovale, Joaquin Rios and Ignacio Fernandez. There will also be Guillermo Romero guarding former base Thomas Gutierrez and Cuban Pedro Pompino from Gymnasia de Comodoro. Good names seek to get into the conversation and show that you have the power to make noise within a category.

data: The opening match of the 2021 Argentine League season. This will be the only match to be held on Thursday, leading to the next day to be played on Saturday 20 with 4 other matches: Sportivo America-Terro Federation (11 hours), Echagüe-Independiente (16:30 hours), Al Ittihad Villa San Martin ( 7:00) and Central Colón de Ceres (09:30).

In the Santa Fe Port region, on Wednesday the Santa Bubble Show was held at headquarters, as part of the Argentine League comeback. The event was attended by the leaders of the two institutions, both Onion and Colón, and the team leaders, Francisco Alloatti (Union) and Diego Garcia (Colon). It was the official launch for both venue and event.

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Al Ittihad played 4 friendly matches as part of the pre-season period. He started against Echagüe with an 87-79 low against Paranaenses. Later on, three wins were added against Gymnasia de Santa Fe (97-91), Peregameneo Básquet (102-86) and Rivadavia Juniors (90-71).

Colón, for his part, played the Timbúes Cup, which was decided last Monday with victory for Sabalero after beating Timbúes 78-75 in the Rocky Otrino (Joaquín Rios, top scorer with 17). Previously, he had also beaten the same opponent 84-68 (Pedro Pompino is the top scorer with 18).

Union squad: Francisco Alloatti, Arbel di Pietro, Maximiliano Martin, Sebastian Oranga, Jordi Godoy, Christian Scaramuzzino, Pablo Bandeo, Matias Borsatti, Andres Jaime, Julian Salaberry, Gaston Bertona, Geronimo Diaz Muller, Joel Peralta and Lorenzo Micheloni. DT: Juan Francisco Ponce. Assistant: Renzo Guinta.

Colon band: Diego Garcia, Augustin Carnovale, Ignacio Fernandez, Joaquin Rios, Guillermo Romero, Thomas Gutierrez, Pedro Pompino, Ramiro San Martin, Alain Doran, Valentino Vaschetto and Thiago Chemes, Jaime Brodsky and Thomas Bracalenti. DT: Ricardo de Cecco. Assistants: Santiago Vesco and Diego Tuosto.

Medical part: Both Union and Colon reported injuries in tonight’s match.

advertiser: “The truth is that we are very much looking forward to all this kickoff, and we are keen to start this season with the classic Santa Fe. We are looking forward to the start of the league. We had nearly two months of preparation, and pre-season was probably short in terms of working times, but it was practical.” Long given that we were inactive for a year. In all these weeks of preparing for the new season, we were polishing things to get to our start in the best way, and we also took advantage of it to get to know each other among the new players who arrived. “Francisco Alloatti (Federation)

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advertiser: “I would like to take with great joy and responsibility this opportunity both from Kowloon and also to be able to operate in the city where I have been based for several years. In Kowloon we are looking for a sustainable project over time, and we hope that it will be part of an ambitious project so that the club can Resurfacing in basketball.We wanted to have two or three references in this category, trying to complement these experienced players with a group of youngsters.The well is understandable classic The city will do good, because of what the two clubs are born with and what is being sought to cast Santa in basketball Grow. Our goal is to be able to enter the playoffs as we are going to compete for that. “Ricardo de Cecco (DT, Colon)

Report: Argentine League Press.

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