The Atlas will evaluate if Zero Torres hires a reinforcement before departure

The Atlas will evaluate if Zero Torres hires a reinforcement before departure

Release Chicago Fire Zero Torres is a matter of timeNegotiations are progressing, which is why Atlas they do not refuse to bring someone else.

Fox coach Diego Coca spoke about Immediate departure of the youth team athleteFirst of many in the following tournaments after the red and black titles.

“It’s part of this development and part of evolution, The champion gives you a badge that puts you somewhere elseChampion players are not like non-champions, they are much sought after, needed and with the start of a competition like we have, ”Coca said.

“It’s part of evolution and development. All that comes for the future and does not lose sight of the gameFollow a competition team, look for variations, and look for options.

It will be The second defeat of the King’s teamEver since Jesus was sold to the Anglo Tigers.

“We have to be smart to continue to grow and be competitive so that lack or change is not felt. Zyro’s theme, nothing, We know there is an offer, but the player is with usHe is with us for now and he will play for Atlas, ”he added.

Zyro will go on fire for sale in Chicago, and negotiations are highly advanced This Sunday he may say goodbye to Atlas against Poomas.

“I really appreciate the results of the players Of course he will make the best decision with the club And it will be useful for everyone. This is part of the development, the players stand out and like them from other teams in other leagues or Mexico. If it goes, we need to evaluate how to change it and who to bringHe needs to understand the growth we need to have and that this is part of the growth.

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